Did You Know?

Did you know water damage makes a perfect environment for mold.  If mold is left untreated, it could result to harmful health and/or death.  Do not ignore water damage, call the professionals because you only have 48-72 hours before mold grows.  mold could grow on wood, baseboards, drywalls/studs in the wall and fabrics.  Be sure to call the Ocean Wave Cleaning and Restoration for proper care.

WATER Damage Tip:
1) Call the Professionals (Ocean Wave Cleaning and Restoration)
2) Locate the source (water) and fix the problem
3) REMOVE items to avoid moisture damage
4) Cool the area/room, avoid heat
5) Photo and make a list of damaged items
6) Act fast! Call Ocean Wave Cleaning and Restoration within 48-72hrs

How to care for Carpet & Area Rugs:
Carpet Tip:
1) Did you know that it is recommended that you clean your carpet at least 12-24 months
2) Recommended to clean every 6-12 months if you have children and/or pets
3) AVOID Pet URINE damage…call the professionals to avoid permanent fabric damage
4) Pet Urine should NOT be left for weeks/months untreated, it will cause permanent damage
5) Call Ocean Wave Cleaning and Restoration to assess the problem